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As a healthcare provider, I create evidenced based content that relies heavily on national guidelines to promote health and aid in disease prevention. By coupling my own fitness journey wth consistent info, I aim to shed light on our nation's health issues. 

As a young ambitious woman and entrepreneur, I share my lifestyle to exemplify the possibility of brains and beauty in minority populations to girls and women.


As a mentor in nursing, it is my utmost desire to impart onto nursing colleagues and aspiring nurses, any helpful information that I've picked up along my professional path that may motivate or help lighten their load. Also to create dialogue where I too may be enlightened. 

As a consumer, I dish on trendy products and services to give you real feedback free of spiels, sales pitches, or favoritism. Only the real. 


I consider myself a student of life on path to purpose and this project is a front row seat! Get comfy and feel free to ask me anything! 

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