10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

I've been blogging for a little over a year and I am simply amazed at the readership this blog has amassed from people around the world. The old blog was more simplistic and featured all topics on one page, and this time around I have created sections for content so that it may be found a little easier. I will also be sharing more about myself and engaging further with all of you awesome readers. So to celebrate the new lifestyle section, here are few things for you to get to know me better!!

1. I am super shy!! Like you guys have no freaking clue! I am NOT the coy, cute shy- but the real deal shaking in my boots, "do I really have to speak" type! Public speaking has been a mountain I've been nervous to climb all my life! I know this may be hard to believe, seeing my enthusiastic PSAs on The Gram, but it has only been in the past few years that I've been intentionally trying to breaking out of my shell and social media has helped

Now don't get it twisted, I am a confident in my intellect and physique and grateful with many gifts and talents that God bestowed upon me and yessss I believe I can fly *R. Kelley voice* BUT I am naturally a very quite, unassuming and humble person.

In today's climate, of inflated egos, superstar mentalities and social media fame driven zombies... I am somewhat happy for my mild manner and shy dispostion as it keeps me balanced. I use this blog and social media to be more vocal, visible and to empower myself against my shyness. In 2018 it is my goal to be more intentional, fearless and reach full illumination! So basically its Glow Season!

2. I’m a first generation Nigerian-American. My Dad is from the city of Aba- Abia State, which is located in southeast Nigeria and my family is Igbo. I have a large amount of family back home and love to visit. I take much pride in Nigerian culture and adore everything Nigerian, from Afro-beats, to the patterns of ankara fabirc, Gele and traditional dishes. Futuristically I would like to participate in healthcare centered initiatives in my familial land and be of any help possible to large underserved populations there.

3. My zodiac sign is Pisces— I am somewhat textbook Pisces (or at least in the regard to the good stuff ..and yes, of course I have psychic powers.... No but seriously, I consider myself highly intuitive and have tested this foresight on many occasions. Does this make me a know-it-all? Not one bit, but it does make me highly analytical, sometimes even of matters where no analysis is need. I don't know about you guys but I trust my gut!

4. I have seven siblings and I fall fourth of 8. We are 4 boys and 4 girls and are all very close in age and relationship. We're our own gang and ride for each other endlessly. My family is bomb and super supportive of everything I do.

5. I am a total sports car junkie and I love to 'put that thang in sport' haha. No but seriously! My first sports car was a Mustang and I've since driven BMW 4 & 6 Series coupes. Its not solely about foreign engineering, 'riding harder than guys', or heavy engines- but more about that horsepower and torque! Feel me?

6. My favorite type of food is Mexican. I mean how can you argue against super burritos, fresh quac, tortilla soup, or fajita's? Think about it. Charro beans = life, so to not like Mexican food means you're technically not living! Walking dead or nah? If so, hurry and get to a taco stand!

7. I love the arts and all types of crafts. Event planning, themed basket making, cooking, museums, hair braiding, fashion - you name it and I am on it! Coming from a big family of women of African descent, braiding was something that seemed like a birthright thus I've known how since being a small child and I used to love braiding my baby sisters hair in cool designs. This was one of my first forms of artistic expression and I believe from their I have picked up many other hobbies and interest. Basket making is a hobby I started in my early 20s and something I still do here and there! Pictured are some themed Valentine's Day baskets I made last year!

8. I don’t have a favorite color- I can appreciate them all!

9. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I also think that I am pretty funny. My siblings and friends have a collection of videos that would totally ruin my social life if ever released. I am a complete goof and do impressions, odd voices, and "perform" home musicals all day long for those close to me that get my silly humor.

10. I worked as a nurse tech before complete nursing school. I credit this experience as playing an intergral role in my transition as a novice nurse. Will be telling you guys more about this position is a seperate post!