5 Days of Giving Holiday Giveaway

Nurses and healthcare professionals work so hard taking care of others and sacrifice time away from friends and family during the holidays in order to provide care to patients at the bedside. So I decided to do something to acknowledge the selfless and hardworking this holiday season.

For 5 Days of Giving I allowed my follwers and readers an opportunity to participate in the giving of 4 Disney Tickets, cosmetic products, Medelita scrubs+ Erka stethescopes, compression socks, and tickets to a new nurse workshop!

The giveaway received amazing feedback and hundreds of phenomenal nurses and other healthcare professionals shared on topics such as 'why they chose healthcare', their 'favorite things about nursing', and what they're grateful for.

Not only were comments and entries inspiring, but also reminded me of the insurmountable reasons that I went into nursing. The endleess compassion echoed throughout the posts.

All winners were chosen randomly from a draw as it would have been impossible to choose a winner based on response alone! Thanks to everyone who participated and to those who give back everyday to our nation's patients!