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Bayada Home Health Care: Nurses Week

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Nurses Week is the special time designated to nationally recognize nurses for all their selfless care and contributions to the health care field. This period of highlighting generally runs from May 6-12th each year.

Being a nurse requires so much time and care. I want to take some time during Nurses Week to give a shout out to nurses everywhere for the amazing work they do

each and every day. I truly believe nursing isn’t a career. It’s a calling.

One area of nursing that I feel is often overlooked but hits home for me is the area of home health care. While in school pursuing a career in nursing, I worked as a nurse assistant in home health. I whole-heartedly enjoyed being able to help patients in the comfort and safety of their home. Fast forward to working in the hospital setting as a registered nurse, I quickly learned that everything done while the patient was hospitalized was in preparation for the ultimate goal of sending the patient home. Research supports patients healing fasting when cared for in the comfort of their home. This calls for home health nurses who work in the community to deliver quality care right to the doorsteps of these patients.

Being a home health care nurse is especially rewarding and unique because it provides the opportunity for close ongoing interpersonal connections with your patients and their families. It’s a meaningful connection that can be exclusive to home health care.

To all the nurses out there, you should be feeling appreciated every day, not just during Nurses Week. Or, if you’re not working full-time and aren’t getting what you need from your employer, you should be looking into other employment options. That’s why I’m partnering with BAYADA Home Health Care this Nurses Week – because BAYADA puts their nurses first.

BAYADA values its employees by offering competitive compensation and benefits, including ongoing education and leadership opportunities, and much more. The company is grounded in what is referred to as “The BAYADA Way,” which is rooted in the belief that clients come first, employees are the company’s greatest asset, and everyone should be treated with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

For this year’s Nurses Week, BAYADA is encouraging you to “Share, Care, Dare” – share your stories about how nursing has touched your life in one way or another; consider home health care as a way to care for your loved ones or as a career choice; and dare to change your career path by applying to BAYADA.

Visit: to learn more about the other ways the team takes care of caregivers.

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