Dr Teals® Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

So before we get into this review of another wide used Dr Teals® product lets first talk

Pink Himalayan Salt. For those of you who are not familiar with PHS but have been seeing all of the internet rants and raves for the past few years - let me confirm that this stuff IS pretty awesome and you should believe SOME of the hype!

According to Medical News Today PHS is primarily mined in Pakistan, and is almost completely sodium chloride with the exception of a small amount of trace minerals (2-3%). and gets it beautify blush hue from iron oxide added in the form of volcanic clay.

It is revered as one of the healthiest salts on Earth not only because its great for skin but because of the nutritional value that it possess in comparison to other salts. The PHM trend has helped changed how people view salt in general and this is because hands down a healthier salt option.

Millions have traded in their processed table salts for this naturally occuring mineral that is often sold unrefined. Users have reported improved electrolyte balance, adrenal functioning, thyroid health, muscle soreness and even reduction of migranes and their intensity. Salt plays a vital role in organ functioning, cell health, hydration to name a bit! Everything in moderation of course.

Ok so now that you have a little background info on the salt of the century lol, let dig into this product. So Dr Teal's® Restore & Replenish Pure Epsom Salt & Essential Oils Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak is about $5 for a 48oz bag. (affordable enough for you to try happily) and is ALL THAT! Let me tell you why below!

After soaking in this miracle for 30 minutes, I knew that I had found my peace. Post workout aches that I 'd picked up in the gym in my lower back and quads were immediately feeling better and for the first time all week I could contract my muscles with out stiffening pain. After getting in bed I LITERALLY slept like a baby and felt like one too.

I was a wee bit skeptical about what this product will smell like since its so pure and natural (

(What does salt smell like anyway?) , but to my suprise the scent was soothing and sweet. Little did I know, while I was fighting sleep in the bath tub it was traveling throughout my home ldepositing traces of sweet warmth and relaxation in my bedroom and hallway.

Overall, the muscle relaxation, comfort and coziness that this product provides... I give it

5 Stars. We all love spa days and deep tissue massages; however, they leave dents in our pockets. This product is the solution! Pamper yourself as often as you like with this affordable retreat in the comfort of your own space!

You can purchase Dr Teals products at your local Target and Walmart. It is also sold online.