Is Your Sweatband Causing Cancer?

Since getting back in the gym a few months ago, I’ve been using a sweat band. If your not familiar with the name, a sweat band is essentially an inexpensive waist slimming device that compresses the applied area and prevents heat loss. The heat contained by the insulating neoprene creates fluid loss when the wearer sweats.The results have been great for my mid section; however, a gym mate posed to me that my sweat band may be cancer-causing! This was shocking as I had never heard of this and it led me to do a bit of research.

After thoroughly searching google and few databases (lol) my findings were inconclusive. The chemical name for neoprene is Polychloroprene, which is a polymer long chain of chloroprene. Chloroprene has been suspected to be cancer-causing for some time now; however, its less reactive polymer chain has not. Many believe that it takes a stronger chemical than human sweat to unbind the chloroprene in neoprene, and I  agree.

Although I believe neoprene in sweatbands pose little to no threat- I no longer adhere the band directly to my skin without a barrier. I air on the side of caution and feel its better to be safe than sorry. Before applying the band, I apply a layer of saran wrap to my belly. This method is cheap, makes me sweat even more and most importantly gives me peace of mind!

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