Jezebel Magazine: 20 Most Eligible Atlantans

Each Fall Jezebel Magazine features 20 of the city’s most eligible Atlantans. To be chosen for this distinction is a pretty big deal because of the massive nomination pool, national exposure, and networking opportunities afforded to selected nominees.

With all of that greatness and potential involved, let me be honest and tell you guys that I had mixed emotions after finding out I had been nominated and did not know if I would move forward. Of course I was excited but didn’t really know what to expect.

As great as it all sounded, I kept asking myself "who wants to be highlighted for being eligible boss with no man!" Being spotlit for being great and SINGLE seemed like a diss and a failure for some reason! Not to mention, an opportunity for more rando men to 'slide in my DMs' or strike up conversation about how they wanna be my man. lf it sounds ridiculous to you, then you haven't felt the pressure millenial women feel to be successful and married by certain milestones & age.

After speaking with my sister, I decided I would proceeded cloaked in my perceived loneliness! So I went on to find out there was an interview process which initially sounded super corny and competitive. Nonetheless, I figured since I was selected from hundreds of people, I should go. I swallowed my pride and fears and scheduled it all out.

At the Interview: So I get there and sit amongst 20+ other hot chicks in the lobby where we were put in groups to wait for an interview with the editor. Soon after arriving my group was called in. After a brief introduction from the editor, we all sat around the table and listened to one another introduce herself. Each of us shared our passions and occupation.

As I sat there listening to all these fantastic, badass women, I realized that being acknowledged for being “most eligible” was more about being a total package, making an impact on the world and living life to the fullest and much far less about being single. When it was my turn I shared my love for nursing and bit about my sometimes quirky personality! After the interview ended I grinned to myself thinking “these girls don't stand a chance against a nurse." All professions can be awesome, but nurses save lives!

Being Chosen:

I was notified a few days later that I had been chosen to join 10 other women for the Jezebel's 20 Most Eligible Atlantans 2016-2017 and informed that I would need to fill a questionnaire/dating profile and schedule a time to do a photoshoot.

The photoshoot was definitely a VIP experience and Jezebel provided top makeup agencies and stylist to prepare us. After meeting some of the others being featured, I was honored to have been selected amongst so many talented, trailblazing, affluent millennial women in the city.

Upon release of the publication, Jezebel held an exclusive magazine party for us at Tongue & Groove, one of the hottest clubs in ATL. This was followed by invites to all the exclusive happenings in the city as well as top of the line sponsored parties for the next year. Tons of media opportunities stemmed from my feature in Jezebel and overall this experience was an amazing social experience that I am grateful to have been a part of.

Watch the video below for a recap of the 2016-2017 20 most eligible Atlantans Magazine Party.