Noel Asmar Uniforms: Trendy & Versatile

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

As a bedside nurse I often dwelled on the fact that I would be able to dress up and not have to wear scrubs every day once I became a nurse practitioner. Finally, I’d get a chance to wear all the cute things that’d been collecting dust in my closet, I thought.

Once I completed grad school and found a job; dressing up for work was fun and exciting. I’d spend an hour-plus every morning getting ready. It kind of became part of a “feel-good” routine where I hyped myself up on the fact that I was living my best life, had accomplished my goals and was working the job of my dreams- all the reasons to get up in the morning, right?!

However, after becoming acclimated to my job and picking up some extra duties along the way; I began to feel the woes of work while also trying to figure out how to juggle having a social life, start a business and be fit all at the same time. Very quickly my old faithful scrubs began to look more and more like the one and only viable option in the morning and the thought of catching a few more Zzzzs didn’t sound half bad either! Needless to say, I’m all about balance. I generally look to settle somewhere in the middle. Some days I’m completely over the top and others I’m barely recognizable. I’m always looking for pieces to incorporate into my work

wardrobe that are professional yet stylish and that can be dressed up or down depending on what I have going on and how I’m feeling that day. When looking at a piece, I check for style of course, functionality, versatility and wear-ability. I like things that not only fit my style, but my lifestyle as well. I recently starting wearing Noel Asmar Uniforms because they do both! Here are my thoughts...

Style- Totally love the style of this brand. The line is very chic and clean and even has runway inspired looks that are edgy. This gives it a tailored look that can easily be worn in a professional and or social setting.

Functionality- The pieces are extremely functional and have lots of pockets and zippers that serve their purpose and are placed in sensible places that make it ideal for work.

Versatility- The pieces are very versatile and can easily be mixed and matched with other tops or slacks and blouses already in your closet. In addition, you can easily dress these pieces up or down!

Wearability – These pieces are super comfy with lots of stretch despite their structured and clean look. Although the fabric is stretchy, it doesn’t lose its form.

So overall, this is a brand that I will most definitely shop! Noel Asmar Uniforms has been around for more than 15 years and have some of the hottest uniforms on the market!